Save and Share Your Home Repair Professionals and Home Improvement Projects

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BidPro lets you save your favorite home service professionals and keep records of your home repair & improvement projects with notes and pictures. You can even share your recommendations with your friends or family knowing they’ll receive a validated and trustworthy professional for their project. 

It’s About Trust and Transparency

Trust and Transparency are the pillars of our platform.  These values are too often thrown to the wayside when it comes to home repair.  This is why we created BidPro.  Through a hyper-localized approach to leverage the power of your family, friends and neighbors, BidPro users are able to save and share their trusted Pro’s with each other!  Consider it a digital rolodex of home service Pro’s approved by you and your network!

How Does It Work?

Remove the ambiguity of a star rating system for home service Pro’s. Instead, BidPro enables you to save a home professional to your network complete with pictures, comments and contact information. Once added, you can share your Pro to your family, friends and neighbors or simply keep it for yourself to access later when future home projects are needed.

The Marketplace.

BidPro is in it’s infancy but the power of the referral network is why we’re hungry to get into this market. Our roadmap has many exciting features that we believe will continue to harness the trust and transparency pillars we aim to exemplify. Ready to get your home projects and Pros organized? 

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